EMS membership software that works the way you do.

Stop fighting with Excel files and Access databases...

EMS Memberships, Evolved.

Is your membership program reaching its full potential?

A thriving membership program is a critical component of your marketing and outreach strategy. It can even be a profitable source of revenue. But managing and growing EMS membership program is hard.

If your agency relies on Excel spreadsheets, a cobbled together Access database, or some re-purposed module of your CRM or ERP software to manage your memberships then you are selling yourself short.

It isn't just the man-hours wasted fighting with your software to keep your records up to date. Worse are:

  • opportunities lost due to a lack of visibility into your program and your market
  • needlessly upsetting your members-turned-patients with huge invoices they aren't expecting
  • the unecessary loss of members due to non-renewal because of ineffective retention management

Your membership management software should be more than just a simple member tracking database. Evolution Memberships was designed from the ground up to serve the unique needs of EMS membership programs - not just to reduce the administrative burden, but to help you take your membership to the next level.

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